URL Shortener to Close

Hey, remember the epic saga of announcing they were going to close, then deciding that they weren’t going to after all? The sequel has arrived! The shortener is shutting down now, though they’re handling it much better. You’ll be able to export your data, and the URLs will also be archived in the 301works project.

Also, the developer behind isn’t taking potshots at for being the default shortener for Twitter, like did, and went so far as to state in a comment on Mashable:

I’d like to emphasize that having as the default for Twitter is in no way part of the decision to shut down. As I said in the post, it’s a one man operation that has grown too big for me to maintain it.

That is what I call a professional attitude.

  • Blaine Moore

    This is the exact reason I started using my own URL shortener with the YOURLs software…no need to worry about my links going bad.

  • Ali Hussain

    I liked the word "sequel" being used. Another act to get traffic.