Quotes on Design

Here’s a neat project of Chris Coyier’s that I had forgot about: Quotes on Design.

Quotes on Design

Basically it displays a random design-related quote, and you can load more by pressing the AJAX-ified “Get Another!” button. You can submit ones you like, and search for ones you’ve seen before. (Perfect for when you’re writing a blog post and need to find that quote from that one designer…)

If that wasn’t cool enough, there’s an API. It’s not a full REST setup or anything, just a simple JavaScript bit you can include on your pages, but I think that might be enough to do some interesting things with. I’d like to see a screensaver that displays random design quotes…

If you’re into books, there’s also Quotable Books, over at BookAdvice.net.

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    Great! Your site is finally back up. I was beginning to wonder…

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      I've been having some issues with my server configuration lately. I've been running out of RAM. I'm still working to get it under control. :)