XKCD Honors the Closing of Geocities

In case you missed it on October 26th, the webcomic XKCD changed their design in mourning (or celebration?) of GeoCities‘ closing. Geocities was the first major free web host, giving users 15MB of space for their HTML and image files. They were sort of the Blogger of the time, and the original MySpace. In the mid to late 1990s, they hosted a lot of websites, most of which looked rather putrid. XKCD pulled the look off quite well, with the ugly imagery, “under construction” graphics, multicolored comic sans type, and broken HTML code.

XKCD's Geocities-style page

It’s funny, in the geeky way characteristic of their comics, but let’s hope that retro web “design” doesn’t become a trend in the future.

In mourning or celebration (you pick) of Geocities' closing, XKCD has changed their design up a bit