Version Control with Git

There’s an interesting tutorial up on Net.Tuts+ that caught my attention: Easy Version Control with Git.

Git seems like a powerful tool, and one I’d definitely like to look into in the future. It seems like it can do a bit more than SVN, as happily points out, and may even be easier once you get used to it.

Git is a open-source code managemen tool; it was created by Linus Torvalds when he was building the Linux kernel. Because of those roots, it needed to be really fast; that it is, and easy to get the hang of as well. Git allows you to work on your code with the peace of mind that everything you do is reversible. It makes it easy to experiment with new ideas in a project and not worry about breaking anything.

Version control systems are great for anybody doing serious coding work, or design even. You could keep your blog’s theme in a repository, for example, so when you make changes to it you can roll them back if things break or you just want to revert back. You would be able to store the files remotely on a Git server, work on them locally (in your WAMP/MAMP server), and when you want to make you changes live you could just checkout the files to your production server.