ThickBox Development Ends

The versatile jQuery “lightbox” script known as ThickBox is no longer being maintained, as of September 30th. This is unfortunate, as it was my favorite jQuery plugin for the purposes it was meant to serve, and it has been used by a lot of major applications, such as WordPress.

ThickBox, if you are unaware, is a UI script for creating pseudo-modal dialog boxes to display images, IFRAME’d content, AJAX data, etc.

The ThickBox homepage suggests some alternate scripts, of which ColorBox and jQuery UI Dialog are probably my favorites. ColorBox, especially, seems to match the functionality and extendability of ThickBox quite nicely. (It’s also a comfortably small 9kb in size.)

One more parting thought: Is a fork of ThickBox not out of the question, or at least someone taking over development? It would be nice to see someone pick up and continue work on the script.