Rolling Your Own PHP Framework

Fuel Your Coding has a three-part series worth checking out. It covers how to build your own lightweight PHP framework for your projects.

There are quite a few php frameworks out there. Some huge, some small; Some useful, some not. I often hear developers, even myself, complain about frameworks in php not having or not doing something the way they/we want it too. So my solution? Roll your own framework! This series of articles is going to give you a brief and quick intro on how to do just that. We are going to cover url routing, basic database connection, basic templating and basic rewrite rules for Apache. What we will not cover is ORM development, advanced routing and installation of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Also error checking will be next to none as this is just an example.

It’s a neat tutorial, and in the end you’ll have something useful: an organized basis for future PHP projects. You have an underlying structure that will help you get into building your next application sooner.