Usability Tip: Link the Logo

Here is a basic, and easy to implement tip, that will do wonders to make your website easier to navigate: Link your logo/banner to the front page. If a user clicks on the logo, they should wind up on the home page of the site.

This is a standard convention, and users generally expect it to hold true on any unfamiliar site they visit. It’s like having the scrollbar on the right, and the back button on the left, of the browser window. They’re common navigational techniques, and it pays to do what your visitors expect.

Go and visit five websites that you access on a regular basis. How many of them follow this convention. I’ll bet at least four of them do.

If your logo doesn’t go anywhere when you click it, take the five minutes required to wrap it in a hyperlink.

  • Jon Crim

    Great tip – it can be frustrating when you’re on a site and you click the logo and it doesn’t take you back to the home page. Surprising how frequently this is missed.

    • Matt

      I know. It’s a pretty simple thing to do, and I can’t imagine any reason to not do it, save for forgetting (or simply not realizing how often they click on logos themselves!).