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Dropbox: Easy File Synchronization

As long as people have worked with multiple computers, they’ve always had to find ways to transfer files between them. Back in the old days, we used square plastic things called “floppy diskettes” to store data and recall it on any convenient computer. They could hold an amazing 1.41 megabytes worth of files. Back when everything was plain text, that was workable.

Nowadays, people still use sneakernet, though the medium of choice is now USB flash drives and occasionally an external hard disk. But the idea remains the same: You have files you’re working on, and you want to access them on more than one computer; so you load the files onto a drive and bring them with you. Perhaps you want to take your work home, or you want to smuggle some music into your workplace or school. Maybe you’re writing a novel and you want to continue to write while you travel.

Meet Dropbox.

Dropbox Illustration

Dropbox does away with the need to manually copy files from place to place. All you have to do is tell the software which files it should sync, and those files are mirrored in “the cloud,” where any of your linked computers can access them. You can view documents on your iPhone/iPod, edit them on your laptop, or work with them on someone else’s computer.

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Blogsolid is Back! is back from the dead. It was acquired recently by someone who hopes to resurrect the long-silent blog. With 658 RSS subscribers (including myself) still on the clock, I think it shouldn’t be too hard. One of my favorite parts of Blogsolid has…

Count Your Retweets with the Tweetmeme API

I didn’t know this until recently, but Tweetmeme has an API for displaying the number of times and URL has been retweeted. A quick request to[the URL] will return an XML, JSON or PHP response. You can pass the full URL as the…

BlogBuzz November 21, 2009

jParse: A jQuery XML Parser Plugin

jParse is a jQuery plugin that can asynchronously fetch an XML file (AJAX, in other words) and parse it for display. It works in all modern browsers, plus Internet Explorer 6+, and the file is only 1.8KB in size. It’s basic usage looks something…

Preventing the Caching of Dynamic Functions in WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is commonly used to speed up WordPress blogs and reduce server load. In essence, it stores static HTML copies of pages on your blog so they will load faster the next time they are accessed. It works fairly well, but with…

How to Secure Your WordPress Installation

Digging into WordPress has recently published a new article on securing WordPress. It covers setting up optimal database privileges, adjustments you can make to your wp-config.php file, changing the table prefix, changing the default admin username, and a couple other things. Of course, when…

CSS white-space Property

Here’s an interesting and little-mentioned CSS property: white-space. With it you can prevent an element’s contents from line wrapping, create pre text, even pre text that wraps when necessary. The syntax is like this: The above example is fairly self-exaplanatory; it prevents the text…

WordPress Theme of the Month: Glassical

This month’s featured WordPress theme is Glassical, once again brought to you by Smashing Magazine.

BlogBuzz November 14, 2009