WordPress Theme of the Month: Glassical

This month’s featured WordPress theme is Glassical, once again brought to you by Smashing Magazine.

Glassical WordPress Theme

Glassical is a nice clean theme with a good attention to detail. It’s light and modern, and it has support for threaded comments and other neat WordPress features. The typography is nice, and I particularly like the slick, glassy search bar.

Glassical theme: Upper right detail

The metadata section on post pages is interesting. I like the tags’ styling, though I’m not too crazy about expending so much room for showing which categories are applied to a post. (Ideally a post should only be assigned to one category, as per the “categories = binders, tags = an index” argument.) Oh well, it’s tweakable.

The comments are pretty good as well, with support for nesting and Gravatars included.

Glassical theme: Metadata and comments