WordPress Web Hosting

I was listening to an interesting WordPress Weekly interview recently, which brought to my attention an intriguing web hosting service called aims to be “Easy like with the Freedom of” The general idea is to provide a basic web hosting plan, with a domain included, that comes with WordPress pre-installed. (As a matter of fact, they won’t host anything except WordPress.) Their custom setup takes care of most of the techie work, leaving you to run your site.

You can install any theme or plugin that you want, several popular ones of which are pre-included for you. They also offer “theme packs,” which include many major premium themes, from sources such as WooThemes and StudioPress, at a discounted price.

It’s not for serious web geeks, but it’s certainly a great platform for people who want to put up a serious site without too much hassle, while retaining much more control than offers.

  • Sally

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to hear about You rock!!

    All the best,

  • dave

    I would still buy my own domain and get some cheap hosting with fantastico and install wordpress this way. Hosting is so cheap today.
    Also getting a domain and hosting from the same provider is a big no no for me. At least if you loose your hosting you will still have control of your domain. I learnt this the hard way!