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WooThemes Increases “Permanent 2-for-1″ Offer

WooThemes has taken their famous “Permanent 2-for-1″ offer and made it even better. A standard theme purchase now includes two extra themes instead of just one (making it a 3-for-1 deal). Developer packages, which include the PSD source files, include three extra themes.

That means you can now grab 3 Standard Package themes for only $70 and a whopping 4 Developer Package themes for $150.

I think that’s a pretty good deal for WordPress themes of the quality WooThemes usually releases.

Google Releases the “Nexus One” Android Phone

Google has officially announced the “Nexus One,” a much-hyped Android-based phone manufactured by HTC that they (Google) will be selling. The device looks pretty neat, except, like most of the current Android phones, multitouch is not a feature. It runs version 2.1 of Android,…

WordPress Theme of the Month: LiveTwit

This month’s featured WordPress theme is LiveTwit by Templatic. LiveTwit is a WordPress theme that isn’t for blogging. It’s primary focus is to make it dead-simple to create a “Twitterwall” like Helveti-Tweet or wpTweety. It pulls a live feed of data from the Twitter…

AJAX Edit Comments Goes Commercial

AJAX Edit Comments, a popular WordPress plugin that allows commentators to edit their messages for a time after they post, has become a commercial plugin. Jeff of WP Tavern managed to ask the authors a few questions about their decision. Are there plans to…

BlogBuzz January 2, 2010

Best of 2009

Happy New Year! It is now 2010, and we’re heading into the fourth calendar year of Webmaster-Source. It has been a long year, as usual, filled with more than 35 archive pages worth of posts. That’s a lot, isn’t it? On the other hand,…

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