“WooNav” to be Integrated in WordPress 3.0

A few weeks ago, WooThemes introduced their WooNav widget-based navigation manager. In an unexpected turn of events, the theme developer has allowed it to be incorporated into the next major WordPress release, version 3.0.

We are excited that we can give something substantial back to the core after a somewhat hesitant decision to GPL license our themes a few months ago. This proves to us, and hopefully others, how the GPL license should be correctly utilized to benefit others.

It’s certainly an interesting move. Judging by the screenshots, it will be a feature that will be appreciated by much of the WordPress user base. It sounds as if the decision was made because the WordPress team was planning a similar feature for 3.0, and it made more sense to use something that had already been developed than to have two competing ways to handle the same thing, with one being “official.”