Get a Larger Version of a Mac Application’s Icon

Have you ever wanted a large version of an icon, maybe for a software review on your blog? (Or maybe you just want a closer look at the details of the image…) In Mac OS X Leopard or greater, it’s actually fairly easy to do that.

First you want to find the application in the Finder. Right-click it and choose “Show Package Contents.”

A new window will open with a folder named “Contents” inside. Double-click it, and then open the “Resources” folder inside.

Now look for a file ending with a “.icns” extension. It’s icon should look exactly like the application’s. Double-click it to open Preview, and you should be greeted with an enormous version of the icon, along with several alternate sizes which can be viewed by selecting them in the sidebar.

Just press Command+C to copy the icon, and you should be able to paste it right into Skitch. That’s all.

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