Google hreview Rich Snippets in WordPress

Have you ever noticed that some product review results in Google display a little 5-star rating under the title? What you’re seeing is something that Google calls a “Rich Snippet” — some metadata pulled from a microformat embedded on the page the result links to.

Google supports a few microformats in their search results. vCard data can be displayed in some cases, upcoming events can be shown for theaters and event centers, star ratings can be displayed for reviews, etc..

Joost de Valk has put together a tutorial on how to add the hreview microformat to your WordPress site, giving Google the option to show your editorial ratings on SERPs for any products you may review. I’ve implemented it over at Fantasy Folder, as I often write book reviews there, and I had been planning on adding editorial star ratings anyway.

In his previous post here on Yoast, Frederick explained why you should use Microformats to increase the CTR from Google. In the comments of that post, people were asking if there are plugins to easily implement this in your theme. While those are probably a bit hard to do, I though it would be good to explain how I implemented hreview in my theme.

Implementing hreview in your WordPress theme [Yoast]

  • 3DS Review

    Makes me wonder why there isn’t more rich snippets plugin for WordPress. One is SEO Ultimate and the other is GD Star.

  • Riya

    Hi, even after enabling the rich snippets, nothing is showing in google results, but when I check it in webmaster tools, the snippets are displaying, I have also fillup the Google form, but its more than a month nothing happen.

    Can someone plz guide me anything which can help me for this.

    • Matt

      Google decides when and if to display them. If you’ve made your pages “snippets-ready,” that’s about all you can do unfortunately. I haven’t noticed any results for my sites showing up with them, either.