Automatic Amazon S3 Backups on Ubuntu/Debian

If you manage your own web server, as you do with a VPS, one thing you need to look into is a backup strategy. It wouldn’t be pleasant for your files to vanish into the ether in the event of some sort of catastrophic server meltdown, would it? Optimally you want to, on a daily basis, offload a copy of everything important to a separate geographical location. One excellent way to do that is to follow Pro Blog Design’s new tutorial on how to automatically back up your files and databases to Amazon S3.

S3, or Simple Storage Service, is Amazon’s cheap cloud data storage system. Michael Martin, the author of the tutorial, says that his bill from last month was $2.60. ($0.15 per month per GB for stored, $0.15 per GB transferred.) Using a backup script on your server, you can automatically archive and encrypt your files and MySQL dumps, then send them off to Amazon’s servers for safekeeping.

I should start by saying that while s3 is not a free service, it’s incredibly inexpensive! My bill for the last month was $2.60, and that was with backing up a lot more than just this site! It’s the cheapest peace-of-mind ever.

Automatic Amazon S3 Backups on Ubuntu/Debian [Pro Blog Design]

  • Michael Martin

    Thanks for recommending the method to your readers Matt!

    The timing of the post has become quite ironic. 2 days after I published it, all hell breaks loose on my server and it’s been down most of the past 2 days. I’d have lost my sanity by now if I didn’t know I had those backups…

    • Matt

      Good thing you had the backups, I guess. I’m still working out my backup strategy, putting the shell scripts together and deciding what to backup. It seems like it should be great once I get everything set up though.

      Did you figure out what loosed the hell on your server?