Wordoid: Creative (Domain) Naming Service

I probably don’t need to subject you to another rehash of “Oh, it’s so difficult to find domain names. All the good ones are taken…” You’ve likely heard that story at least a few times by now.

Wordoid.com is a website that hopes to help you solve that problem. Enter a word, set the language, maximum length, and a few other options, and out comes a list of “wordoids.” Wordoids are, as the name suggests, made-up words that sound just like they could be real words. Words like underful, intendings, outwittery, or, conspiffy. It’s an easy way to find suggestions for a catchy domain name. (Outwittery sounds like it should be some sort of Twitter-connected word game…)

I wonder how they generate the words. My best guess is some sort of Markov text generator.