AppStorm’s Guide to Creating a Podcast Using GarageBand

Mac AppStorm has had, for quite some time, a great tutorial on how to record podcasts with Apple’s GarageBand software. Providing you have a decent microphone, GarageBand should make it fairly easy to record and edit a high-quality podcast.

The iTunes Podcast directory is a tempting offer. Without much effort, you can get your voice out to thousands of people. Of course, if your podcast doesn’t reek of quality (both in terms of content and presentation) no one will pay attention. The content part only you can figure out, but if its quality you want, GarageBand provides an easy solution.

I’m going to show you how to create a technically sound, professional quality podcast that you can share either using an iWeb site, or through any other iTunes compatible RSS feed.

Once you’ve recorded your podcast, you could upload it to Amazon S3 and use a WordPress plugin like PodPress to create an RSS feed that you can submit to iTunes.

Creating a Podcast Using GarageBand [Mac AppStorm]