CloudApp: Share Files Fast

CloudApp is a nifty application that lets you quickly and easily share files. All you have to do is drag a file onto the menu bar. Once the file is uploaded to the “Cloud,” a short URL to the file is automatically copied to your clipboard. You can’t get much easier than that.

Your files are stored on Amazon S3, mirrored across multiple servers and facilities, so it’s very unlikely that you will have any data loss issues.

One interesting part of the application is its extensibility. You can install a number of “Raindrop” plugins that allow the app to perform different actions when you press the universal CloudApp keyboard shortcut. Perhaps you’re in iTunes? Pressing the key combination will upload the selected songs. Photoshop? The current canvas will be uploaded. Firefox, Safari, or Chrome? A short URL for the current web page will be generated.

The service only works on Mac OS X for now, but there is a REST API, so it’s entirely possible for someone to write a Windows or Linux client.

CloudApp is in public beta, and the developers have not implemented any visible means of monetization. My guess is that it will remain free, but I do wonder how they intend to sustain their service. Ads on the web page? Premium plans?

  • blueshell

    Thanks for sharing this useful app to let me quickly and easily share files.