CoffeeAddict: A Great Web Design Tutorial

Webdesign Tuts has published a great tutorial on how to make “an illustrative wood design.” It walks you through the process of setting up a document in Photoshop, marking out regions for navigational elements and content and styling them with tasteful gradients and textures.

I think it’s exceptionally well done, and definitely a good introduction to building a web design in Photoshop. It covers the basic method, as well as plenty of tricks that would be useful in plenty of projects.

In general, though, I have been enjoying this new Envato blog’s articles. The design theory posts have been informative, and the walkthroughs teach more than the average “make this cool header in Photoshop” tutorials you find elsewhere on the internet.

The Making of CoffeeAddict: An Illustrative Wood Design [Webdesign Tuts]