One of the Coolest iPhone App Preview Websites

The site for Ben the Bodyguard may be one of the most interesting web designs for a site advertising an upcoming iPhone app that I have ever seen. What the app does exactly, I do not know. What I do know is that the design looks neat stylistically, and features a fun animated scene using only HTML and JavaScript.

When you first visit the page, you are presented with a large graphic that tells you what the app is for, along with a prompt to scroll down the page. (And a long page it is, judging by the tiny scrollbar you see.)

If you scroll down the page, a cartoon character “walks” down the page with you, with different bits of dialog appearing overhead in a word bubble. Try it yourself.

The current incarnation of the Skittles website (it changes frequently) is along similar lines, though much more bizarre. As you scroll down the page, which is “infinite” thanks to a JavaScript preloading trick, you see tons of strange images and videos, along with different verbals plays on the phrase “taste the rainbow.” e.g. “lace the train slow,” followed by a picture of two hands tying the shoelaces Photoshopped on top of a train.