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Introducing App Recon

I recently launched a new blog, App Recon, where I will be reviewing iOS and Mac applications. If you’ve looked at the App Store lately, you’ve probably noticed just how vast it has become. You could easily spend an hour weeding through it, looking for something new. While that may be fun to do once in awhile, it’s nice to have recommendations. That’s the goal of App Recon: to provide thorough reviews of excellent apps, bringing attention to cool applications you might not hear about otherwise.

Looking for a good game? You might try Carcassonne or The Secret of Monkey Island.

Check it out, and subscribe if you like it. The site is still new, so it needs all the help it can get.

BlogBuzz February 26, 2011

Sparrow: The New Mail for Mac

If you’re a GMail user, you might like the idea of using a desktop client for your email, but can’t bear to give up the GMail way of doing things. That’s where the new Sparrow Mail app comes in. It’s a GMail-specific mail client…

TestFlight: iOS Beta Testing on the Fly

If you’ve ever tried a little iPhone development out, you might have run into an inconvenient problem. Apple uses a code signing system on iOS devices to ensure that software that ends up on them has either passed through the App Store (and has…

Host Static Websites With Amazon S3

Amazon S3, the inexpensive storage service, now can be used to host entire static websites. Though the service will accept any kind of file, which makes it great for keeping large or frequently-accessed data (podcasts, software downloads, JavaScript widgets, etc.) off your server, until…

BlogBuzz February 19, 2011

Are You Using Flattr?

I’ve been keeping an eye on an interesting service called Flattr for awhile now. It’s a “social micropayments” service that had been in private beta for awhile, but is now open to anybody who wants to join. Flattr’s premise is that you, as a…

PHP Error Suppression Symbol

Have you ever seen a PHP script where a line is prefaced with a “@” symbol? Ever wonder what it was for? The at symbol in PHP is the error suppression operator. Any expression with you use it with will never throw an error,…

Mobile Usage Becoming a Subscriber Feature, the music streaming service that uses social tagging to find custom-tailored tunes, will be requiring that users of the iOS/Android/etc. apps pay $3/month for a premium subscription. I have found it convenient to listen to on my iPod on more than one…

BlogBuzz February 12, 2011

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