Little Big Details: A Blog of UI Details

Michael, the guy behind Pro Blog Design and PliablePress, posted a link recently posted a link to a neat design blog recently. Known as “Little Big Details,” it features minor design elements that are exceptionally functional and possibly worth emulating.

I like the concept, especially since the most interesting parts of a design are often the little bits.

And it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who found this nifty feature in the iPhone version of Twitter.

Little Big Details [Tumblr]

  • Michael Martin

    It’s a great site, isn’t it? Only yesterday it showed me an OS X feature I’d never heard of before:

    Very cool :D

    • Matt

      I saw that too, but I have the “secret” MacHeist setting turned on that lets you close the window with the Escape key, so it doesn’t work for me. :)