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BlogBuzz March 11, 2011

GluePHP — A Spartan URL Routing Framework

For larger PHP projects, it’s a good idea to use the Model-View-Controller pattern and URL routing to organize things a bit more logically and make the code easier to update in the future. Frameworks like CodeIgniter, Kohana and CakePHP do this, but they can…

User Submitted Posts Plugin for WordPress

Jeff Starr (co-author of Digging into WordPress) has released a new WordPress plugin for allowing users to submit guest posts to your blog. User Submitted Posts lets users write posts and upload images through a form embeddable in any page or post using a…

Cult of Mac Caught in Google Content Farm Crossfire

Google recently made some tweaks to their algorithm in order to penalize content farms, which create massive amounts of low-quality content tuned to rank well in Google. If you’ve ever run a search, looking for a solution to a problem, and found the SERP…

BlogBuzz March 5, 2011

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