User Submitted Posts Plugin for WordPress

Jeff Starr (co-author of Digging into WordPress) has released a new WordPress plugin for allowing users to submit guest posts to your blog. User Submitted Posts lets users write posts and upload images through a form embeddable in any page or post using a shortcode. You can customize the fields shown a bit, the maximum number of images and their dimensions, things like that. The post state (draft, publish, or “publish after some number of approved posts”) is also configurable.

Once a user has submitted a post, it’s saved as a “Draft” by default, but may optionally be set to “Publish Immediately” or even to publish if the author has “x” number of approved submissions. The plugin also displays a User Submitted Posts button at the top of the Posts Page that lets you filter all user-submitted posts/drafts with the click of a button.

This seems like a great option for community-oriented blogs looking for a way to open up to guest submissions. I do wonder whether spam submissions might get to be a problem, though. It could be handy if the plugin could hook into the Akismet API or at least offer a CAPTCHA option.

  • Andrea

    I have activated the User Submitted Posts plugin, and have yet to have any issues with spam. In fact I have very little spam at all. So far it has not been a concern. Great little plugin.

    • Shyam

      I have activated this plugin. Everything is working fine, uploaded user name, tags, descriptions is displaying in the post but the respective image is not displaying in the post. Can anyone help me please.

      • CaptianD

        I am having the same problem. I’ve searched every where for another plugin that has the same function but to no avail. User-Submitted-Post is the only one that has “somewhat” worked for me but the posts are displaying everything the user submitted except the images. Help please.

        • Ryan

          I am having the same issue where images are not being shown. Did you guys ever figure this out?

          • SAS

            I am currently attempting to use this plugin and have the same issue with the images. There is a tag that you have to place within your site in order to complete the plugin however, I don’t know where it should be placed.

  • Amit Sadik

    Lovely plugin thanks!!

  • Ejaz

    I have activated this plugin. But when i submit it shows error massage.
    Plz help me.

  • Marina

    plug-in displays the wrong headings (categories), no letters, and confusing signs. How do I fix it?

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  • sharbean

    I’ve tried activating the plugin but it throws a PHP error; now I can’t remove it.

  • sergio


    I am looking for a plugin similar to this but with the plus that the users can login in and posting using his Facebook or Twitter ID.

    I fonund severals social plugins that allow facebook and Twitter user do comments but I cant find the plugin than allow user submitted posts using the facebook or twitter account.

    Can somebody recomend me any plugin that do that???

    Thanks from Spain!!

  • orgna

    Only problem is that you need to know how to and where to add code to make the image submission part work. People are throwing code around with the plugin and I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, I personally think it’s a bunch of rubbish not to have it plug and play!

    Certainly something to think about: – If you need to add additional code to make it post the images people submit, then you should let people know maybe and then add a “how to” – better yet, just make it so it works??

    Most frustrating plugin I’ve run across