BREAKING: Apple Acquires Sprint for $32 Billion

In a surprise press release this morning, Apple announced their acquisition of cellular company Sprint for $32 Billion. Sprint, known for its uncertain financial situation, reportedly agreed to an Apple takeover after a private bidding war between Apple and the search giant Google.

Apple has been seeking a way to escape the oppressive policies of the two larger cellular companies, AT&T and Verizon, for some time. The Sprint acquisition will allow them to offer the iPhone without carrier-imposed restrictions on things like tethering and data usage, and may very well lead toward cheaper plans.

In the announcement, Apple stated that they plan to offer unlimited data and voice for $30 per month, with SMS added for an additional $5. Adding additional handsets or other devices (i.e. the iPad) to your plan will cost an additional five to ten dollars per month, depending on the brand and model.

Details are still sparse, but we will cover the news here as it unfolds.

  • Matt V

    Can’t wait to see the ads!