Flattr to No Longer Require Publishers to Keep an Active Balance

Flattr, the social micropayment service, will no longer be requiring that publishers maintain an active balance and be actively participating in the service in order to accept “Flattrs” from users. This will go into effect starting on May 1st, and should increase the number of blogs using the service.

If you’re someone that’s using Flattr primarily to make micropayments to others then you’ll soon have tons more blogs and websites to flattr.

If you’re using Flattr to both pay and get paid, you now no longer need to worry whether your Flattr button is active. Feel free to add money to your account and flattr others at your own pace.

I’m excited about the change, since few of the sites I read use Flattr, and the money I put into it either goes in one huge chunk to a single publisher or to charity. Hopefully more bloggers will try it out.

Opening the floodgates [Flattr Blog]