Tumblr-style Links with WordPress Post Formats

There are a few blogs, such as Daring Fireball and Digging into WordPress, that have microblog-style “link” items interspersed with ordinary posts. The post title links off-site instead of to a permalink page, and a more compact styling is usually used. Basically, like Tumblr does it.

Digging into WordPress has a neat guide to doing this yourself in WordPress, if you don’t mind editing your theme files and working with a bit of PHP.

…the key difference between the two types of posts: regular post titles link to the single-view of the post, but Link post titles link to the URL of an external resource (i.e., whatever awesome thing you’re sharing with your visitors). This makes it super-easy to share links via true “Tumblr-style” Link posts.

I really like the idea of Daring Fireball-style link posts, though they aren’t necessary an ideal feature for every blog. They would be great for niche news blogs, for referring people to stories broken by another website, without writing a fluff piece that doesn’t really add to the story.

Tumblr Links with Post Formats [Digging into WordPress]