Angry Birds Comes to the Web, in HTML5

Rovio, on the 10th of May, released an unexpected new version of their popular Angry Birds game. Previously available on iOS, Android and OS X, Angry Birds is now available on the web.

You can find it in the Chrome Web Store, or at this URL. It’s currently in public beta, and is free for the time being at least. (It also runs in Firefox 4.)

The game is 100% HTML5 and JavaScript, and it runs very smoothly all things considered. There were a couple of quirks when I tried it, but they are likely just bugs for Rovio to work out and not a product of the platform. It really puts the myth that Flash is necessary for browser games to death. (Hopefully in the future we will see GUI composing tools along the lines of Adobe Flash that export to plain HTML5 instead of a proprietary format.)

If that’s not enough of an Angry Birds fix for you, how about a cover version of the theme with real instruments?