WPTavern is Back: New Owner, Same Great Flavor

Back in May, the popular WordPress blog WPTavern (home of the WordPress Weekly podcast) was put up for sale by its owner. It was taking up too much of his time and “real life” was getting in the way.

If you’re a reader of WPTavern, you’ll be happy to learn that an undisclosed buyer has acquired the site under the stipulation that Jeff continue to be at the helm.

I’m happy to report that not only have I sold the content I generated to an awesome buyer, they have requested that I continue about my business with WPTavern, the forum and the podcast as if nothing has happened. The only distinct change that has happened and will be the only thing to happen for the foreseeable future is that the site will be owned by someone else. I am in charge of maintaining and operating the site as I normally would. At the request of the new owner, the terms of the deal as well as who the new owner is is under wraps.

Another part of the deal, there will no longer be display advertising on WPTavern…though perhaps we’ll be seeing some from the new owner in the future?