Minus: Simple File Sharing

There are already a few services—like CloudApp and Droplr—that allow you to simply drag a file and instantly share it via a short URL. There’s a newer one that I’ve been seeing lately on Twitter. It’s name is Minus.

Minus is primarily a web application, with a spiffy HTML5 drag-and-drop uploader. Just drop a file onto the page, copy the link and share. Couldn’t be simpler.

There are applications for OS X, Windows and Linux (as well as mobile phones and tablets) that allow you to upload files without loading up the website. The desktop apps work by allowing you to drop a file onto an icon.

Minus is free for now, but they have some limits in place. Files can be no larger than 200MB each, but there is no limit to the number you can upload. If you upload a lot of small files, Minus could certainly be a more attractive option than CloudApp, which only allows 10 uploads per day for free accounts.

If you’re looking for a way to quickly share files with people, Minus is worth a look. Even if you don’t need it very often, it’s a great tool to keep in your arsenal.