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HTML5 Data Attributes

Have you ever looked at the HTML snippet for Twitter’s Tweet button and wondered what those data-something="loremipsum" attributes were?

<a href="" data-count="vertical" data-via="redwall_hp">Tweet</a>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

I did too, and after a bit of Google searching, I found a post by John Resig (the creator of jQuery) that explains that they’re something called data attributes.

A new feature in HTML5, they provide a way to embed data in an element and access it from a script. (An accompanying JavaScript API makes it very easy to retrieve the data.)

HTML 5 data- Attributes [John Resig]

Awesome Firebug Tricks You May Have Missed

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Should Comment Entry Forms Be Above or Below Existing Comments?

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Using Google-Hosted jQuery With a Local Fallback

Referencing commonly-used JavaScript libraries, like jQuery, stored on Google’s CDN is a good way to speed up your site. Many popular websites do so, which means the chances of a user having jQuery sitting in their browser cache already is pretty high. It doesn’t…

BlogBuzz November 5, 2011

Create Color Palettes With ColorSchemer Touch

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BlogBuzz October 29, 2011

The Hidden All Settings Screen in WordPress

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I have hosted Webmaster-Source, along with my other websites, on since September of 2009. It has been an excellent experience overall, and has provided me with an opportunity to get my hands dirty and gain some hands-on experience configuring and maintaining a web…

Building an iPhone App to Parse the Twitter API with NSXMLParser

iOS has a simple event-based XML parser built in, which makes it fairly easy to do less involved parsing operations without having to load up a third-party framework. This tutorial will show you how to build a simple iPhone application that will download an…