How Much Does Amazon CloudFront Cost for a Small Blog?

You may have heard about how people speed up their websites by offloading images, CSS and JavaScript from their server to a Content Delivery Network like Amazon CloudFront. The CDN mirrors the files in separate datacenters and serves them up from the one closest to a given user, which makes a noticeable difference to load times. If you use a plugin like W3 Total Cache, you can automatically link your media folders to a CDN and rewrite the the file URLs on the fly, even minifying the CSS and JavaScript.

Amazon CloudFront is one of the cheaper CDNs, but many people worry about it’s seemingly complicated pricing scheme. Since you pay for what you use, your monthly bill is calculated based on how many gigabytes of data you transfer and how many HTTP requests are made.

You pay $0.0075 for every 10,000 HTTP requests, and $0.12 per gigabyte for North American and European visitors. The cost-per gigabyte is slightly higher for other regions, but it doesn’t go over $0.25/GB.

So how much do you end up paying for a blog with around 40,000 page views per month? $0.64.

I’ve been running CloudFront for a little while now, and I ended up paying about sixty-four cents from the 3.004GB of transfer incurred over the month of January. It’s definitely affordable, and should help take some load off your server, besides decreasing load times.

  • Devin Walker

    Thanks for the pricing info, I was confused by the way they price everything. It seems pretty cheap!

    • Matt

      It is a bit confusing, but that’s why it ends up being cheap. They meter everything in such a granular manner that you end up paying only for what you use, with a fairly low overhead.

  • Mikey

    I’m new to CDN, is there anything I should be aware or any tips you might have?

    I think I’m going with Amazon after reading your article instead of MaxCDN.

  • Sigmato

    Amazon Cloudfront is one of the cheapest CDN and has more geographical locations in the world. Cloudfront with S3 would make your site faster..

  • Dan

    Is it possible to specify an upper limit to the costs?

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