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Google Shuts Down FeedBurner API

Google announced the deprecation and closure of several of their APIs awhile back, notable ones including the Translate API, a few search APIs and the FeedBurner API. As of just a few days ago, the FeedBurner API has been shut down. Any application that requests subscriber information will fail to retrieve the data. This includes custom subscriber count widgets, iPhone apps like Ego, et cetera.

This raises questions about the future of FeedBurner. Is Google planning to shutter the service as well? Coupled with the recent discontinuation of AdSense for Feeds, things not looking too good. If they do end up phasing out FeedBurner, it will break a lot of feed URLs. I’m sure at least three quarters of the feeds in my RSS reader are hosted by FeedBurner. Some transparency would be nice.


Syntax Highlighting in Mac OS X Quick Look

Starting in OS X 10.5, Apple introduced the handy Quick Look feature, which of course enables you to preview a file by tapping the spacebar. If you’re like me, you probably use it regularly for quick glances at files that you don’t really need…

Tweetbot Icon

Adding Imgur Support to Tweetbot for Mac

The leading Twitter client for iOS just made its OS X debut on Thursday, and it has a very interesting feature. In the application’s preferences window, you can set the services that are used for URL shortening, image hosting, reading later, and so on.…

BlogBuzz October 20, 2012

Proposed Secure Password Hashing API in PHP 5.5

PHP 5.5 will be gaining a simpler and more newbie-friendly way to securely hash passwords. As those who are active in the PHP community are all to well aware of, it is quite a trial to educate everyone on properly securing passwords in their…

Mozilla Persona: Single Sign On Finally Done Right?

Mozilla Persona, the rebranded name for the foundation’s BrowserID project, just reached its public beta stage. The goal of the project is to create a distributed identity system that removes the need to register and log in to every site you visit. You’ll have…

WooThemes Redesigns, Adopts Their Own WooCommerce Plugin

WooThemes launched a new redesign of their site this month, bringing some interesting changes along with the more modern style. The navigation has been restructured to highlight their non-theme offerings, making it clear that WooThemes is very serious about their plugin offerings (especially WooCommerce).…