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Archive Data for One Cent per Month with Amazon Glacier

Amazon recently launched their latest Web Services Product, which aims to help you store data for the long term. Amazon Glacier costs one cent per gigabyte per month to store data, with some limitations on the retrieval. It costs $0.12/GB to retrieve data if you need to access more than five percent of what you stored. It also will take a few hours to retrieve the data.

Given the very low price and the long retrieval delays, it is a logical assumption that Amazon is using magnetic tapes for the storage.

Amazon suggests that the service would be used for archiving and preserving records, media, scientific data, or anything that requires long-term storage. It would work well for off-site backups in general, even for your personal computer, since storage is absurdly cheap and you don’t need to retrieve backups too often.

Ditching GoDaddy? Here Are Some Alternatives

Whether it’s because of the recent major outage, their brazen support for SOPA, or their longstanding questionable business practices, there are many reasons one may wish to avoid doing business with GoDaddy. ( has a mirror of the old NoDaddy site if you’re curious…

6 Articles You Should Read Before Storing Users’ Passwords

It’s 2012 and there are still an awful lot of high-profile websites leaking users’ passwords. Someone manages to snatch the database table, and then they crack the passwords, which are more often than not encrypted with weak MD5 or SHA1 hashes. It’s not enough…and…

BlogBuzz September 1, 2012


Load Test Your Server with

Want to test how your server performs under load? If you’re in the process of optimizing a server, or have just installed a caching solution, it’s good to see the effect your changes have had. Blitz is a configurable service that will pound your…


Twitter API Terms Revision Ignites Controversy

Twitter recently announced the next version of the REST API that powers the many apps that hook into the popular social media service, a move which sparked much criticism among users and developers alike. Some of the changes include: Every API endpoint will require…


GitList: View Your Git Repositories on the Web

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could host your own private GitHub, for browsing your local repositories or remote ones you host on your own server? Well, there’s a new PHP application in town that lets you do exactly that. GitList, the self-described “elegant…

WordPress’s…Interesting Way of Dealing with Magic Quotes

If you’ve been working with PHP for awhile, you’re probably familiar with one of the worst ideas the language’s developers ever came up with: Magic Quotes. If not, here’s a brief history lesson. In order to help newbies write functioning MySQL queries, they thought…

Digg is Back, with a New Take and New Ownership

Remember Digg, the social news titan that tanked when a new update chased off its user base? It’s back, under new ownership, and with a different strategy. After a six-week sprint to reinvent the site, it has relaunched in its new form. There are…

BlogBuzz August 4, 2012