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WordPress Post Thumbnails: Migrating from Custom Fields to the Featured Image API

I had post thumbnails on this blog a long time before the feature became a part of the WordPress core. Some of you out there may have, too. The technique that was generally used before the friendly “Featured Image” box, and its associated theme API, was added to WordPress, we generally just pasting image URLs into custom fields and outputted them into an image tag in the theme. Basically, like I recommended in this old post from 2008.

When WordPress 2.9 was released, bringing with it an “official” way to handle thumbnails, I was a little bit annoyed. I had tons of posts where I had existing thumbnails that would have to be somehow updated, or else I would have to come up with some clever way to be backwards-compatible. So I just put it out of my mind and left things the way they were…until this year.

Redesigning gave me an excuse to modernize a lot of the stuff going on behind-the-scenes, and one of the things I improved was the handling of post thumbnails. The solution was easy: write a function to handle two methods of applying a thumbnail, and check both places for a thumbnail. The code looks something like this:

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Animating a CSS Sprite With JavaScript

Take a look at this demo, and guess how the animation is achieved. It’s not an animated GIF. It’s a PNG sprite that is brought to life with a little bit of JavaScript. The sprite image is a long strip containing each frame of…


10 Web Apps for Web Design

If someone asked you what tools you commonly use for constructing web designs, you would probably mention the obvious: your favorite text editor and graphics program, the web inspector in your preferred browser, things like that. But what about those nifty web apps that,…

BlogBuzz May 26, 2012

Webmaster-Source Version 6.0

Meet Webmaster-Source 6.0

It’s been about four years since this site last had a design refresh, and it’s high time it did! Version five really hasn’t changed much over the four years since its launch, and it’s looking a little stale. So today I bring you, the…

Launch: A Free WordPress Tumblog Theme

Looking for a stylish microblogging theme for WordPress, so you can mix in some Tumblr-style posts with your longer writings? Themezilla’s “Launch” theme is a fresh choice. It supports the post formats API, and even includes the PSD source files if you want to…

BlogBuzz May 12, 2012

Full Circle: The Return of Static Blog Generators

WordPress is the most popular blogging software today, powering a majority of the top one hundred blogs. Like many of the systems that are popular nowadays, it’s dynamic. The server pieces together pages on the fly when they are requested, pulling content from the…

CISPA: What it is, and Why You Should Care

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act, a far-reaching and vague bill that would enable warrantless spying on internet traffic by proxy of employers, ISPs and websites you use. The only reason necessary is suspicion of…

Disabling Comments on Old Posts, or How to Kill Discussion

With spam comments on the rise, it’s becoming more common of a practice for bloggers to disable commenting on older posts. (WordPress even provides an option to disable comments on posts older than x days.) This drastically cuts down on the spam, as spammers…