Jekyll Themes

Jekyll ThemesI’ve recently started using Jekyll for one of my blogs recently, and while it’s a solid blog engine, there’s one thing its small community lacks. Themes. While I like to roll my own themes, some people want a drop-in option so they can start blogging without diving into design. Well, I set out to help rectify that issue.

First, I released my own (GPL licensed) theme to augment the small number of available themes. The theme, which goes by the name of “Solar” for its use of the Solarized color palette, can be downloaded and demoed on GitHub.

That was a start, but what few publicly available themes exist are still spread thinly across GitHub and who-knows-where. Jekyll lacks a central repository like WordPress has had for years. So my next project was to attempt to bring as many of them as possible into one easily browsable place. I picked up the domain, made a simple responsive showcase design for it and published the site. As of this writing, there are eight themes featured in the gallery, with links to their home pages and demo links if available.

Jekyll Themes is on GitHub, so if you have a theme to add, you can fork the site and add it yourself.