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Design Matters

Does design matter in the early stages of blogging? Of course it does! I wrote a post awhile back about it, but again I say design matters.

True, some blogs have become successful with bad designs, but so what? Have you noticed that the top blogs on Technorati have good designs? Take a look at the WayBack Machine. Enter a site like, oh…how about EnGadget? Take a look at the Wayback results. They’ve never had a truly bad design have they? They made sure that it looked okay. While you don’t need a really smashing design like Ars Technica, you need something passable.

Take a look at the post I wrote on my more personal blog.

Create a Business Card in Photoshop

Why pay someone to make business cards for you when you can do it yourself? All you need is Adobe Photoshop, a printer, and some cardstock (available at Staples or similar stores). This tutorial will teach you how to make a basic business card.…


Zeroweb is a great site with a lot of layouts, some of which require a link back to their creator’s sites. Also included in their databases are clipart and background images. I like the layouts by NodeThirtyThree, which look great (and are CSS-based). You…

Templates Box

Need professional-looking templates? Don’t mind them being a little graphic heavy? Try Templates Box. Their layouts look pretty good and aren’t too much work to set up. One of my favorite layout sites. They give you HTML, PSDs, JPEGS, and even the fonts they…

10 Ways to Annoy the Heck out of Your Visitors

If you’re a webmaster designing a website, there are 10 things you should NOT do unless seriously annoy you’re users. These things include (in no particular order): Pop-up ads. Don’t even think about it! They may pay well, but most people totally hate having…

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