Give Me a Penny For My Thoughts*

*Okay, a few dollars technically, but let’s not haggle here.

I spend a fair bit of time working on the WP125 , GoCodes and Tweetable plugins. It’s fun at times, frustrating and tedious at others, but overall I enjoy it. Now, I believe in open source software (the plugins are GPL’ed), but I do invest a bit of time and effort maintaining them. How about compensating me for my time and effort?

If you find one of my plugins useful, how about giving me $10?

Now, this is totally voluntary, and I’m not trying to pressure you into giving me money. Think of it this way: You’re probably making money by using the WP125 plugin to sell ads on your blog. How about giving me a small portion of your profit, since my work made it easier for you to make money? Just a thought.