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Showcase Your Images with WebAssist’s PowerGallery

Looking for a PHP photo gallery package that’s super easy to use? Look no further than WebAssist’s PowerGallery. It has a slick interface that far surpasses any I’ve seen in similar scripts. It looks good, it’s clean and simple, and it feels polished, which is more than I can say for the ever-popular Coppermine Photo Gallery.

PowerGallery Main Screen

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WordPress Theme of the Month: Gallery

The WordPress Theme of the Month for May 2009 is Gallery, released by Smashing Magazine and designed by Christopher Wallace.

Gallery theme by Smashing Magazine

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Free Image Galleries: A Gallery of Galleries

Free-Image-Galleries.com is sort of a “gallery of galleries.” It’s a WordPress site, in the style of a photo gallery, that rounds-up scripts for displaying photos.

The site is fairly new, but there are already three pages of entries.

At a glance there appear to be some good gallery solutions in the archives, and the tag cloud is a nice touch too—it seems like a good way to find a gallery solution that fits your needs. If you needed a MooTools-based gallery, for example, all you’d have to do is click said tag in the cloud, and voila, relevant entries. A very nice use of a tagcloud.

The biggest shortcoming of the site is the lack of an About page (as of this writing). There’s a link to such page, but all it displays is the default “This is an example of a WordPress page…” text. Oops. I’d either remove the page, or put a short intro to the site on it.

Some work needs to be done, but so far it’s a good effort, and an interesting concept.

32 Lightweight Designs

Once again, I’ve been skimming through the design galleries and looking through notes and bookmarks in search of noteworthy designs. This time around, I’ve put together a collection of light designs. While more graphic-heavy designs may look great, simplicity and whitespace can go a long way as well.

Without further ado, 32 Lightweight Designs:


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Elements of Design

Most design galleries showcase interesting/well-designed/etc web designs. Elements of Design is not like them. Brought to you by the Smiley Cat Web Design Blog, Elements of Design focuses on individual elements of designs.

Some examples include:

  • Search boxes
  • Comments and Comment Forms
  • Pull Quotes
  • Pricing Tables
  • Headline Typography

It’s an interesting idea, and a welcome source for inspiration. I’ve often wished there was a place to find inspiration when working on a small part of a larger design. I think I will find this useful in the future, provided I can remember the site’s name, as I tend to forget when I most need a site… :D

If you do much design, or if you just appreciate good design, the site is worth a look.

Zenphoto – Lightweight Web Gallery Script

Tired of the bloated Coppermine Photo Gallery? The much lighter Zenphoto gallery script may be a good alternative.

The compressed download is under one megabyte, and the installation looks fairly simple. Just upload via FTP, and run the installation script.

The installed gallery is responsive and clean. Don’t take my word for it, though. Look at the demo gallery.

The script is fairly new, and is still evolving. Some features, like RSS support, have just been added.

If you need a gallery (for a design portfolio, to show off your photos, etc), then be sure to check-out Zenphoto.