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AjaxLoad: Free “Throbber” Image Generator

Attention AJAX programmers! Do you need a good “loading image” (or “throbber”)? Take a look at AjaxLoad.info, the only throbber-image generator I know of (as of this writing). You pick an image style, then enter some hex odes for the foreground and background colors. Hit the generate button, and if you like what you see, download the animated GIF. Simple, or what? Here are some examples:

Those are just a few examples of what AjaxLoad can do.

Google Apps

So, you’ve got yourself a domain. Sure, it helps people get to your website, but what else can you use it for? Google’s got the answer. Do you hate your webhost’s webmail program? Do you like GMail? Well, now you can have your own copy of GMail (with 100 free email accounts)….but at your own domain. That’s right, you can have your own mini-GMail with email addresses resembling you@yourdomain.com. You get more than just email, but the email’s the best part. Forget your host’s SquirrelMail system, switch to Google Apps.


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could easily manipulate HTML elements onscreen? Wouldn’t it be nice if AJAX requests could be sent with only one line of code? Take a look at Script.aculo.us.

What is Script.aculo.us? It’s a set of JavaScript files (based off the Prototype JavaScript library) that lets you do numerous cool and/or useful things with ease. Fading, sizing, and movement actions are only a couple lines of JavaScript away. Not to mention easier AJAX techniques.

Socialinks v.2

Nearly every blog, or blog-like site, on the web offers several icons that allow you to submit their articles to Digg, Del.icio.us, Reddit, and other “social bookmarking” sites. Have you wanted an easy way to add icons like that to your blog? Enter Socialinks v.2. Pick the social bookmarking services you want, enter some data, and you can download a bit of javascript code to paste into your blog template. There’s also an optional WordPress plugin available on the site.

Just so you know, the “infos” fields are the places where you paste you’re blog’s template tags. For example, if you have a blogger blog, you’d paste <$BlogItemPermalinkURL$> into the “url” field.

This site is a great way to add social bookmarking links to your site.

CSS Column Length Adjustment Script

Frustrated with CSS’s inability to make your navigational sidebars the same length as your content (or vice versa)? Project Seven‘s got a script that’ll help. This JavaScript library adjusts your CSS columns to be the same height. Technically you can do this with CSS, though it’s a big pain.


DynamicDrive is a huge repository of DHTML scripts. Some of their scripts have little practical value, but others are truly useful. Their IFRAME resizing and RSS ticker scripts can be useful, for instance. It has nearly zero practical use, but the snow script is cool (it makes snow fall from the top of the screen). I like their “CSS Library,” where they have numerous CSS menus. Take a look, it’s a great site.


Bravenet has quite a few good templates. My favorites are the basic ones with the solid colored sidebar. They are really easy to modify, and you’ll have a working site in minutes. They have WAY more than just templates, though. In addition to layouts there are polls, banner exchanges, password gates, redirect pages, and other useful scripts to add to your site. They offer basic hosting as well (not reviewed due to forced ads on all pages).