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Snap Shots: Should You Use Them or Not?

You’ve seen them on the web. You may even use them on your blog.’s Snap Shots system quickly spread across the web, infiltrating many popular and semi-popular blogs. Some people like them, others loathe them. The question is: Should you use them or not?

It depends. Snap recently introduced more functionality into the Snap Shots lineup. Some of the features are actually useful, while others are just annoying. Let’s take a closer look.

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7,076 Unique Visitors! The Power of StumbleUpon.

Yesterday (around noon) I posted an article called Don’t Block Firefox! I wrote it after reading about an annoying site called on Reddit (and later on Digg). I submitted it to StumbleUpon, and posted comments on Digg and Reddit (including a link to…

Don’t Block Firefox!

A site has sprung-up recently called “Why Firefox is Blocked.” They claim that webmasters should block all users running the Firefox web browser (sorry, morons, but Firefox is king) because of the AdBlock Plus extension. They claim that users of the extension are thieves…

BlogBuzz August 18, 2007

Designer’s Block?

There’s writer’s block, but what about designer’s block? I’ve been trying to design a new template for a tech blog, but I’ve been unable to do so. I’ve got a general idea of how I want to lay-out the content and sidebars, but as…

BlogBuzz August 15, 2007

47 CSS Tutorials, Techniques, and Resources

CSS. Without it the web would look pathetic. If the W3C hadn’t put out the CSS standard, our blogs would look like this, this, or this. Is that scary or what? Whether you’re a web designer, a PHP coder, or a blogger, it pays…

Is Web Design An Art?

Is web design an art? I believe it is, and I’m prepared to vehemently defend my opinion. Layout/logo design takes time, effort, and ability. Take a look at Ars Technica, Apple, The Leaky Cauldron, North X East, and ProBlogger. Notice their designs. When designing,…

WordPress Theme of the Month: Blog Oh Blog

This month’s highlighted WordPress theme is Blog Oh Blog, which is a copy of the design used by, the creator of the theme. It’s a three column layout, with a fixed 990px width, and plenty of good spots for sticking AdSense ads. It’s…

BlogBuzz August 12, 2007