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Call For Submissions: The Coolest Web Designs on the Planet

What are your favorite websites (design-wise)? We all want to know.

Here’s how it works:

  • You submit the URLs of websites with cool designs via the contact form (or the post comments). Try to think up a few sites, and submit the URLs in one message (I’d prefer not to get 27 emails per person…).
  • After a week or so, the entire list of links (and image previews) will be posted in a Smashing Magazine-style post. So, I’d recommend using the contact form so as to avoid spoiling the anticipation. ;)

You may submit your own blog, but only if it’s a truly exceptional (and unique) design. So if you use Misty Look or No So Fresh, your site is definitely not eligible. :D

Submit any cool-looking site you’ve seen, and you’re own if it’s designed well. I’ll be adding a few designs to the mix, and exercising editorial control over the submissions (read: filtering out spam submissions). Have fun, and get your entries in (remember: submit them in one batch!).

Better Comments Manager for WordPress

Tired of managing your comments the hard way? WordPress’s comments manager isn’t as easy to use as it could be, and it takes up a lot of time if you check for new comments, then go over to the individual post pages to reply.…

BlogBuzz August 17, 2007

Get More RSS Feed Subscribers!

RSS subscribers = repeat readers. Whether they visit your actual blog every day, or just read your posts in their feed reader, RSS subscribers are an invaluable asset. They’re likely to be frequent commentors, and they’re most certainly loyal readers who will come back…

RSS Feeds For Blog Authors

Do you run a multi-author WordPress blog? When it gets bigger, someone may (eventually) want the ability to subscribe to a single author’s posts. It’s possible, and it’s ridiculously simple to do. Don’t underestimate the power of the WordPress Template Tags! You can add…

Design Spotlight: Blogsolid

Blogsolid is a blog about blogging. The tagline “ideas for better blogging” describes the site well. Their content is good, and their design is amazing. It’s got a great natural/ancient/paper/etc kind of look to it. Though it’s a light-on-dark design, it’s been pulled-off well,…

BlogBuzz August 24, 2007

Should You Have More Than One Blog?

Is it a good idea to have more than one blog? Why or why not? Argument #1: No, because you’ll be spreading yourself too thin. You’ll be spending twice as much time on maintenance, ad optimization, link-building, writing, etc. Argument #2: Yes, because you…

Design Spotlight:

Welcome back to Design Spotlight! I know it’s been awhile, but there have been a lot of other things to post about. Today we tackle Pro Blog Design. ProBlogDesign has a cool, well-designed, template sporting a three-column layout. [Random thought here: We need to…

78 Inspirational Logos

Don’t settle for an <h1> tag, put a cool logo at the top of your blog! If you’re starting a new website, or revamping an existing one, spend a bit of time thinking-out a logo. If your site doesn’t have one, get one as…