WordPress Theme of The Month: Grid Focus

This month’s WordPress theme is Grid Focus.

Grid focus is a lightweight theme with plenty of room for peripheral content. The first column contains the main content, leaving over 450 pixels of horizontal space for extras. The middle column has plenty of room to list, well, anything. Put your categories there, a sideblog, whatever you want. The rightmost column, however, is probably the best place to highlight some popular content. There, you have a spot to put some 208×69 images linking to your top posts. The theme also has built-in support for highlighting comments made by the author of the blog, you just need to edit part of the comments template. In my opinion, the header is kind of bland. Luckily, that can be fixed with a little bit of editing.

Grid Focus is a nice theme, and worth checking out if you’re looking for a pre-made design for your blog. By the way, if you want to see it in use on an actual blog, take a look at Skelliewag.org. Skellie has tweaked it a little, and it looks great.