Schedule Your Posts

How do you blog currently? Do you just enter your post and hit publish? Sure, that works fine, but there’s a better way.

Most blog software includes a Time Stamp feature that allows you to write your post ahead of time and have it appear on your blog at a pre-scheduled time. Using this feature you can make blogging easier.

How often do you post something to your blog? Every day? Every other day? For simplicity, I’ll assume you post to your blog every day. What if you were unable to blog for a day (for whatever reason)? Some your readers wouldn’t like that too much. You can avoid that using the Time Stamp option.

At the beginning of the week, write a few posts and set them to post on the following days. Now you can do other things over the rest of the week. You can write more posts for the next week, you can work on some linkbait, or you could play Pirates of the Caribbean Online. :D

Of course, some posts can’t be scheduled. You can’t post breaking news before it happens, after all. I try to make sure I have at least one post every day, and if something new comes up (that can’t wait) I’ll post it on the spot. No one’s going to complain about you having more than one post in the same day, right?

Scheduled posts work well, and they leave you more time to create linkbait (which I still don’t have enough time to do….).

  • Jeff B

    I have been working on schedule for some time. I get on a roll and then fall off the bandwagon. Trying to learn new ways to create linkbait post. Sounds like you have a hard time scheduling time for them as well.

    I like your site keep up the great work.


  • Matt

    Yeah. I have more trouble thinking-up new linkbait ideas. :D
    I don’t have a lot of time either, but I think I’m managing it well by using the time stamp.