Sideblogs vs. Speedlinking

Sideblogs are “mini-blogs” that allow you to share links and write short updates to your readers.

Speedlinking is a method of posting. When you Speedlink, you round-up a collection of links to other blogs’ posts that you think would be interesting/useful to your readers.

The question is: Which is better for you?


  • Sideblogs are quick to update
  • Sideblogs are instantaneous. You see something, you add it to your sideblog, and it’s out there for everyone to see. With speedlinking, you round-up your links then publish them all at once every week or so.
  • Sideblogs allow you to post other things besides links.


  • Speedlinker posts show up in you main feed. Sideblog entries generally don’t.
  • Speedlinker posts tend to get a lot of views and linkbacks. Also, everyone likes a big list of links.
  • Speedlinking gives you a break. It’s real easy to write a short list of links, and a few notes about them.

Personally, I like both. I speedlink and I have a sideblog. I use the sideblog for timely links that can’t wait until the end of the week, as well as for quick updates and things that can’t be expanded into a full-blown post. My speedlinker posts, known as “BlogBuzz,” handle the rest of my linking needs.