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Don’t you hate it when you’re reading a blog, and you’re trying to find that post on Page 23, but the only way to get there is by clicking the “Next page” link over and over and over and over…

Don’t do that to your blog’s readers. Use WP-PageNavi.

WP-PageNavi allows you to replace the annoying “Next/Previous” links with a much better pagination solution. The Next and Previous options are still there, but some new numbered links are added. It’s similar to the bottom of

By the way, if you run into a (WordPress) blog that doesn’t use WP-PageNavi, here’s a tip: Just change your current URL to Problem solved. :D

What is Twitter?

According to, “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” However, it has the potential to be much more than just “I’m…

DBT Group Project: Some Tutorials Worth Reading

I’m participating in the Daily Blog Tips tutorial contest. Since contestants are supposed to post a list of their favorite entries, I’m going to post mine here. I’ve rounded up the ones I like, which I think readers of Webmaster-Source may find useful. Wondering…

Mullenweg No Longer On Top

Matt Mullenweg, WordPress developer, is no longer on the top of the Google results for the term “Matt.” since he switched domains, he’s fallen. So I guess it’s open season for the ranking?

How Often Should You Post?

Posting frequency is something you should think about whenever you start a blog. How much time do you have, and just as importantly, how many post ideas do you have? What length will most of your posts be, and how easy will they be…

Commentators, Etc

Look on the main page, after the first post. Since Imar‘s month of advertising is up, I decided to make the main page a little more interesting. If you’re too lazy to look, there’s a box displaying the top 5 commentators, as well as…

I’m on Twitter!

My twitter account. Do you use Twitter? Feel free to Follow me.

Tabeze – The AJAX Domain Availability Checker

Looking for a domain? It sure can get frustrating when you enter 375 different ideas into a WhoIs service, only to find that they’re all registered. While Tabeze can’t help you come-up with more ideas, it can help you check their availability easier. Tabeze…

BlogBuzz January 26, 2008

How to Feature Your Best Posts in Your Sidebar

Looking for a way to feature some of your better posts? Here’s a method I’ve been using for a few months (visible on the index and the screencap to the right). The five most recent posts that I’ve marked as “Featured” will appear in…

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