Making Sense of Social Bookmarking Sites

The biggest Social Bookmarking sites are Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and I use the term a little loosely, as Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon are generally referred to as “Social Media” sites, as they’re less about storing things for later reference, but about finding things. If I’m collectively talking about the four sites, though, I use the term Social Bookmarking. After all, you still are bookmarking with the sites, even if that’s not the main focus.

The Social Bookmarking sites are all a bit different, and they all have their own uses.

Digg/Reddit: Digg and Reddit are mainly for finding “news” (which is a broad term on the two sites). Using the sites, you can find things that a large group of people think are interesting/useful/relevant/etc. Looking for the hottest tech news? Head to Digg.

StumbleUpon: SU is channel-surfing for the web. Just click the “Stumble” button on the SU toolbar and you’re taken to a semi-random page in your selection of interests. Do you like the page? Click the “Thumbs-Up” button. Your vote affects how often the page will come-up when other people click their Stumble buttons. It’s fun, and addictive. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access your bookmarks from any computer? Wouldn’t it be useful to see what other users (people you know, people with similar interests) have bookmarked? That’s the idea behind You import your bookmarks from your browser (most major ones supported), and then you start bookmarking things with the instead of your “normal” bookmarks system. If you don’t get why you’d want this, watch this short video.

All of the aforementioned sites are useful, and you should check them out if you haven’t already. In the blogging world, they are useful for finding things to write about, and for promoting things you wrote. Don’t blog in a vacuum.

  • Ohio Realtor

    I’m becoming a huge fan of Stumble more than the others. You’re right it is addictive. I never use the random button though. I always end up with yuck sites. I like giving credit and a recommendation to sites I find useful though.

  • Matt

    Really? I find some really good sites through StumbleUpon. However, you do need to spend a bit of time “training” SU to find the stuff you like. Just give the thumbs-down for anything you don’t like, thumbs-up for things you do. Also, make sure you’ve set your interests up. Give it a little time, and it starts to work well. Of course, I still get some rubbish I don’t care about, but it’s not too frequent anymore.

  • Ohio Realtor

    Good advice. I haven’t played around with it that much… I guess I need to start training it to know me…or at least a few of my personalities. I hope SU can handle it.I always forget to thumbs down… I just bypass quickly. I’ll remember to start doing that, thanks… =)