Poll Results: How Do You Like Your Feeds?

Back in January, I asked how you like your RSS feeds. We ended up with some interesting results.

48% (10 votes) said they preferred full feeds. This is something that most of you would expect. People tend to demand full feeds quite often.

10% (2 votes) said they like summarized feeds. Out of the total 21 votes, I was quite surprised that even that many like summarized feeds. You don’t often hear people saying that. Also, when I used FeedDemon for a week, I really did prefer the full feeds.

29% (6 votes) voted for “I don’t care, I use Firefox Live Bookmarks or MyNT.” It’s nice to see that plenty of people like to read RSS feeds the way I prefer. It really is an efficient way to check your feeds. My experiment with FeedDemon did, however, show that the MyNT experience (which is similar to Live Bookmarks) could do with some improvement. And improvement it shall get.

Three of those who voted (14%) are real wise-guys. “Lightly toasted”? :D