Design Spotlight: Adii

Adii, the self proclaimed “WordPress Rockstar,” has redesigned his blog.

The new design

The new design has an elegant overall look, and it moves away from the “traditional blog look,” like many bloggers have been doing lately.

The main page looks amazing, with a great array of colors, and well-layed-out elements.

  • There is plenty of peripheral content, such as a Flickr photostream and a sideblog.
  • The way the most recent post is displayed up top, along with an attached photo, reminds me of NorthXEast a little, and works pretty well on Adii’s blog.
  • The other posts shown on the main page, which remind me a little of ProBlogger’s, look great, despite being light text on a dark background. One suggestion: The text below the headline (the post date and category) could be a little lighter colored. I had to lean closer to the monitor to read it, and it still strained my eyes.
  • The center column stands out nicely, but fits well with the rest of the design.
  • I like the Twitter updates box.
  • The Recent and Popular posts lists are definitely a good thing to have, but the Recent posts list is a little redundant, being on the main page, isn’t it?

Moving on to a single post page, the design still looks pretty good, though I have couple of complaints (constructive criticism, Adii, remember! :D ) about the background. I’m not a big fan of light-on-dark designs, which are hard on the eyes, but it may be less of a problem if the text was bigger, or something. It looks good, but it’s a little hard to read. I’m not trying to be hard on the background, but some work could be done to make the text more legible.

Addi’s new design is great, especially the main page, making use of an interesting combination of colors and layout. There are a few things that could be tweaked, like most new design have, but overall it’s great.

  • Adii

    Thanks for the constructive crit Matt! :) And also obviously for featuring my new design here… I’m definitely still tweaking things on the design and typography is something I’ll look at… Keep up the good work here!