Design Spotlight:

Welcome back to Design Spotlight! I know it’s been awhile, but there have been a lot of other things to post about. Today we tackle Pro Blog Design.

ProBlogDesign has a cool, well-designed, template sporting a three-column layout. [Random thought here: We need to come up with a short name for this type of layout. It’s awkward to say “Three-columned layout with the two sidebars positioned to the right.”] The template uses few images, and features interesting positioning.

The logo (featured in 78 Inspirational Logos) sits inline with some useful text links, positioned at opposing ends of the screen. Floating atop some a green-striped background, the logo text is white, but almost metallic, somewhat reminiscent of the current iMac‘s white finish.

Below the logo, the content column extends up into the striped header, with a tagline to the right. It is an interesting effect, pulled-off nicely without using a truckload of images.

Moving down the template a bit, you can see the two sidebar columns, bordered to the left by a pleasant mint-green color. You’re immediately (and above the fold) asked to subscribe to the site’s RSS feed, or if you’re a newbie, email updates.

The RSS icon used is an interesting variation, looking like an angled cube rather than a flat box. You can download it, with matching Technorati icon, over at

The categories appear below the RSS subscription area, followed by a list of the most recent posts and the top commentors. Personally, I believe the recent posts list is a little redundant, should you arrive on the main page, though it’s good to have it on the post pages.

The rightmost column contains only a search box and a “Skyscraper” AdSense ad…the only ad on the site. The top of the ad block appears above the fold, though I doubt many people click it since it’s so far away from the content. I can’t find the exact quote, but I believe the blog’s author said that he’s currently more interested in gaining new readers than monetization.

Pro Blog Design has a cool design, and some great content. Check it out.

  • Michael from Pro Blog Design

    Wow. Thanks for the review of my site’s design! You could well be right about the recent posts list. When I was setting up the theme, my site was too new to have a “Popular Posts,” section. The “Latest Posts,” seemed like a good idea.

    I agree that it is certainly useless on the homepage. I’ll have to look into serving up a popular posts widget instead of the latest posts one, on the homepage at least. :)

    As for the ads – lol, yep, you’re right! I think I’ve made $3 so far. The money means nothing to me at the minute. Building a good blog is infinitely more important (And more fun. ;) ).

    Thanks again Matt,

  • Matt

    *Grins evilly* I made over $12 this month so far. :D

    Maybe you could put recent posts on the post pages, and popular posts on the index?

  • Michael from Pro Blog Design

    lol – Fine, you win. :P

    As for the recent posts, it’s gone now. You and a few others have picked up on that, so I replaced it with some popular post links today. :)